July 12

An Introduction

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June 30

Graphic Breakdown – Yesterday’s Children

This is a graphical breakdown of an initial project I did at University called “Yesterday’s Children.” At University I did a variety of different projects and always took a great amount of time to make the presentation of these projects look as professional as I could. I therefore did a lot of custom promotional graphics […]

May 22

3D Design – Custom E3 “Stages”

E3 isn’t far off! With how much I love games, E3 is always a highlight of my year. And with this portfolio set up and me enjoying it being somewhat of an outlet for my random and spontaneous creative episodes, I thought I would enjoy writing and sharing some thoughts on this year’s conferences. But […]

May 17

3D Design – From 2D to 3D

When I designed the logo for my Portfolio, one of the reasons I kept it simple was the desire to eventually re-create it in 3D and expand its uses. With a 3D version of the logo, I intended to create animations which would go before videos; in a similar way to company logos playing before […]

July 13

Portfolio Design – What’s Changed?

This Portfolio has taught me one important thing; don’t ever let myself get a tattoo! A lot’s changed since I first made this website, and my first post about my portfolio design was done back on my original website! When I had a fancy .wordpress.com URL and it looked… well, I wasn’t very happy with […]

July 12

An Update!

It’s been quite quiet on the site for a bit now. That’s down to just a few reasons! But I thought I’d just post a quick update about a few projects I’m working on that will be ready to post up shortly. | App! A new game is one! A small app I did at […]

June 16

#E3 – Nintendo’s Spotlight [What I think]

Nintendo. I don’t think there’s anyone who loves games that doesn’t have a soft spot for ol’ Ninty. I don’t at the moment own a Switch. But I want one. Nintendo have already sold me on whats a fun and unique platform. Their next job is to keep piling the games onto it so when […]

June 16

#E3 – Bethesda’s Conference [What I think]

If there’s one thing I’ll always appreciate about Bethesda in recent years, its their continued support of the single-player, campaign-driven games. Arkane Studios has been on fire for a while now, producing quality on top of quality, and DOOM was among the most refreshing games I’ve seen all generation. And that’s on top of Skyrim […]

June 16

#E3 – Ubisoft’s Conference [What I think]

Another conference I was very much looking forward to was Ubisoft’s. With a slew of games already announced I was looking forward to and them always managing to surprise me with new and innovative titles, I had my fingers crossed that this year’s conference would be exactly that. And not just big titles, but smaller […]