February 14

Latest Update: Where Have I Been?

My Portfolio has been rather quiet for a while so I thought I’d give a quick update! And honestly, the main reason is exhaustion. With how hard I’ve been working these days, I just haven’t had a lot of time for much of anything except resting after work. But with the holiday season having been […]

February 14

Project: LENSES

LENSES was my final year University project while studying Computer Games Design & Production.

July 12

An Introduction

Click here for more information!

Or don’t and just click other things. That’s okay, too.

July 13

Portfolio Design – What’s Changed?

This Portfolio has taught me one important thing; don’t ever let myself get a tattoo! A lot’s changed since I first made this website, and my first post about my portfolio design was done back on my original website! When I had a fancy .wordpress.com URL and it looked… well, I wasn’t very happy with […]

July 12

An Update!

It’s been quite quiet on the site for a bit now. That’s down to just a few reasons! But I thought I’d just post a quick update about a few projects I’m working on that will be ready to post up shortly. | App! A new game is one! A small app I did at […]

June 30

UI/Camera Overlay – LENSES Demo

For the full project page for LENSES, which was my final project at University, please click here! | Camera Overlays One of the most core parts about LENSES was a project was it being seen through the lens of a camera. So from the very start, a typical player HUD was never intended to be […]

June 30

Graphic Breakdown – Yesterday’s Children

This is a graphical breakdown of an initial project I did at University called “Yesterday’s Children.” At University I did a variety of different projects and always took a great amount of time to make the presentation of these projects look as professional as I could. I therefore did a lot of custom promotional graphics […]