March 02

Project: Shooty Shooty SpyFall

Shooty Shooty Spyfall was a University project I made; me and my friends would play a modified version of Spyfall together, with a change I had an idea of making, and later I created a dedicated app to help us.

February 27

Project: LENSES

LENSES was my final year University project while studying Computer Games Design & Production.

February 26

Project: A Panda In Glasses [WIP]

A Panda In Glasses is a personal project of mine, a one which focuses on game design and behind-the-scenes decisions and thoughts which build our favourite videogames, and discusses them.

Warning: Not suitable for those who dislike the colour orange or panda puns.

July 12

An Introduction

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Or don’t and just click other things. That’s okay, too.

March 02

SSS • Game Design of Shooty Shooty Spyfall

  Spyfall is a fun game! Whenever we were stuck in the Game Lab for an extended period waiting for rendering, uploading, or downloading, it was a go-to game for me and friends. Playing it for days and days on end, we grew slightly weary of it and I decided to offer a change in […]

February 26

A Panda In Glasses – Clothing! Why? Why not!

  So while I was working on A Panda In Glasses’ designs, and having a good old time keeping the same orange colour permanently locked onto my colour palette in Photoshop, I was thinking of other things I could do. Though I was doing this in an attempt to create something substantial, it was fun […]

February 14

Where Have I Been?

My Portfolio has been rather quiet for a while so I thought I’d give a quick update! And honestly, the main reason is exhaustion. With how hard I’ve been working these days, I just haven’t had a lot of time for much of anything except resting after work. But with the holiday season having been […]