June 16

#E3 – PC Gaming Conference [What I think]

I’m a PC Gamer. I became a PC Gamer because, being the youngest of 3 brothers, I would always be last in line to play on any of the consoles. But that always left our computer free and so that became my private little gaming platform and I’ve never moved off it being my primary […]

June 16

#E3 – Sony’s Conference [What I think]

A lot of eyes were on Sony this year. Not only are they leading the industry with the incredible success of the PS4, but after a very strong showing last year and with not only the Playstation but the PS4 Pro and the Playstation VR too, Sony have a lot of offerings and a lot […]

June 14

Dawn of War III Modding Diary – PART 3

This is Part 3 of my modding diary in Dawn of War 3. For Part 1 click here, and for Part 2 click here! I enjoy learning by doing. And so this is the third part of my Dawn of War 3 modding diary where I’m learning the tools to design and create maps by […]

June 13

#E3 – Microsoft’s Conference [What I think]

  Microsoft was up next and was definitely who I had my eyes on this year. After strong showings previous years but then an unfortunate amount of bumps in the hill, such as Scalebound being cancelled, it made me worried in some ways but hopeful in others that they had to have been working tirelessly […]

June 13

#E3 – EA’s Conference [What I think]

EA kicked off this year’s E3 conferences and I think did a very good job setting the bar. They already had a slew of games I was looking forward to and was actively enjoying playing, but I was mostly interested in anything new they had to offer. I also predicted a lengthy showing of their […]

June 09

Dawn of War III Modding Diary – Part 2

For Part 1, please click here! I’ve enjoyed creating maps for Dawn of War 3; not only to play them, but the actual design and process to get them from just an idea to finally playable is a great experience. And each one is a learning experience. So for each map I’ve been creating, the […]

June 07

#E3 – The Conferences [Part 2]

Let’s continue… You can find Part 1 right here.   | Ubisoft Ubisoft’s going into E3 strong considering how many of their games I’m already looking forward to, with Far Cry 5 being top of the list of titles I’m excited to see more of. The Far Cry series seemingly always has a compelling antagonist, […]