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May 01

Essay: Established Characters and Player Choice

Player choice has been an increasing part of video games in recent times; alternate endings on older titles such as Silent Hill 2 were popular at the time with any kind of dialogue options relegated to old Computer RPGS, but now it seems dialogue options and a branching storyline that changes as you play and reacts to your decisions are the new thing which videogames have embraced. In this essay, I’ll look at the ways two different types of characters can enhance player choice and player-crafted stories.

May 01

Essay: The Portrayal of War in Videogames

The setting of War has been a common theme portrayed in media through-out the ages, in books, movies, and television series. In modern times it has been used as a form of propaganda to support wars and are considered a highly influential theme on public opinion of current warfare; it has also been used for educational purposes in documentaries or dramatized fictions of real-life actions performed by soldiers in warfare, as well as purely for entertainment purposes.

Not only has it been common in movies and television, but it has become an increasingly common thematic scenario in video-games. Both war and military have become elements found in a variety of modern games, but the portrayal of the same theme can vary across different products to a high degree.