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February 26

Project: A Panda In Glasses

A Panda In Glasses is a personal project of mine, a one which focuses on game design and behind-the-scenes decisions and thoughts which build our favourite videogames, and discusses them.

Warning: Not suitable for those who dislike the colour orange or panda puns.

February 14

Where Have I Been?

My Portfolio has been rather quiet for a while so I thought I’d give a quick update! And honestly, the main reason is exhaustion. With how hard I’ve been working these days, I just haven’t had a lot of time for much of anything except resting after work. But with the holiday season having been […]

July 12

An Update!

It’s been quite quiet on the site for a bit now. That’s down to just a few reasons! But I thought I’d just post a quick update about a few projects I’m working on that will be ready to post up shortly. | App! A new game is one! A small app I did at […]

July 12

An Introduction

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Or don’t and just click other things. That’s okay, too.

June 16

#E3 – Nintendo’s Spotlight [What I think]

Nintendo. I don’t think there’s anyone who loves games that doesn’t have a soft spot for ol’ Ninty. I don’t at the moment own a Switch. But I want one. Nintendo have already sold me on whats a fun and unique platform. Their next job is to keep piling the games onto it so when […]

June 16

#E3 – Bethesda’s Conference [What I think]

If there’s one thing I’ll always appreciate about Bethesda in recent years, its their continued support of the single-player, campaign-driven games. Arkane Studios has been on fire for a while now, producing quality on top of quality, and DOOM was among the most refreshing games I’ve seen all generation. And that’s on top of Skyrim […]

June 16

#E3 – Ubisoft’s Conference [What I think]

Another conference I was very much looking forward to was Ubisoft’s. With a slew of games already announced I was looking forward to and them always managing to surprise me with new and innovative titles, I had my fingers crossed that this year’s conference would be exactly that. And not just big titles, but smaller […]