It’s been quite quiet on the site for a bit now. That’s down to just a few reasons! But I thought I’d just post a quick update about a few projects I’m working on that will be ready to post up shortly.

| App!

A new game is one! A small app I did at Uni for a project which I’ve decided to go back to, straighten up a bit, and try and get it out for others to play. The intention is for it to be absolutely free, but it’s an app me and my friends enjoyed playing and others might do too!

| Video Series!

I’ve always liked writing about gaming things, be them the actual games or the industry itself. So I quite liked the idea of trying to branch out into videos! The videos haven’t quite hit the quality I want right now, but they’re getting there. I’ll be making some posts about it soon.

| Novels!

I love writing! As I said above. And rather than sit on some of my ideas, I might as well jot some down and I’ve enjoyed writing small novels here and there and looking to expand on that a bit.

So there’ll be a lot of content coming soon on this website! Just need some time off work to get it all set up (as I hope is visible, I spend a lot of time on the presentation of my portfolio) and it’ll be up!

Update DONE!

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