Welcome to my Portfolio! My name is Dom Ward, I’m a young and enthusiastic Game Designer, and I have an About Me page if you want to know more! Feel free to browse my website which I somehow cobbled together one rainy week-end; navigation options are to the right and below the header, and the Portfolio is split into 5 different categories.


The portfolio is 99% dedicated to the colour orange, but the other 1% is solely focused on gaming, as well as my own work revolving around it.


Below is some more information about my portfolio, as well as some quick links!


| About Me |


I was born in 1992 in Newcastle upon Tyne. After attending school up to Sixth Form, I was struggling to decide what I wanted to do in life while applying for University. My biggest hobby and my biggest interest had always been video games since the first time I cried while watching my brother play Resident Evil 2.

In order to pursue this I dropped out of applying for University that year and instead attended Newcastle College to do a Game Design course. After achieving the necessary grades I then attended Northumbria University and graduated three years later with a degree in Computer Games Design & Production.

I’m proud of that achievement. But what I’m prouder of is that, after 5 years of education in the Game Design field, I’m even more excited and passionate to work in games than I was the first day I filled out my College application.


| Portfolio Categories |


These posts focus on art and graphics made, either in 2D, 3D, or hand-drawn.



Blogs are personal posts about games or updates regarding my website.



These posts feature Game Design content like Level and World designs.


Reviews of games I loved or hated! (but usually love)





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