Another conference I was very much looking forward to was Ubisoft’s. With a slew of games already announced I was looking forward to and them always managing to surprise me with new and innovative titles, I had my fingers crossed that this year’s conference would be exactly that.

And not just big titles, but smaller ones too. Titles like Grow Home, Child of Light, and the Rayman games may be small compared to Assassin’s Creed but I absolutely loved them just as much. Can’t wait to potentially see more.

Top Announcements

| Mario + Rabbids

We all saw the leak. We all did. Lets not try and hide that. So getting it out first seemed like a good choice, Ubi.

And I thought it sounded interesting when first reading it and now I’m actively anticipating it! It’s a wacky, crazy game with no rhyme or reason. I ask myself why does this game even exist? And that’s EXACTLY the type of game I look forward to. From the gameplay it seems to be a comedic XCOM 2 with Mario characters and Rabbids trying to BE Mario Characters. It looks fantastic. The only thing this game seems missing is a pre-order button!

(And getting a Switch first might also be of some help to me playing it)

| Shigeru Miyamoto

Not really a game announcement. He’s actually a human being! But seeing him on-stage with Ubisoft was pretty cool.

| Assassin’s Creed: Origins

I’ve been enjoying Assassin’s Creed since its inception, but I think there’s been very clear differences between them. Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood, and Black Flag all seem to be just a slight level ahead of any other titles in the franchise, for example.

Origins, with its longer development cycle, I’m hoping will be up there with the best and from the gameplay footage it looks bigger and more expansive than ever. Which is a great start. I love the setting and I’m going in with my expectations high.

| Crew 2

So I’m not the biggest racing game fan. I enjoy the DIRT series and I’ve played Forza Horizon because they’re a bit different; less of a sim game and more of a “Never stop pressing the accelerator” type of game. At least how I play them, anyway.

But Crew 2 looks very fun! It looks like big, crazy racing game and that’s what I’m looking for. Definitely got my eye on this one.

| Skull & Bones

Assassin Creed 4’s pirate gameplay in its own big standalone game? I’m sold.

It sounds very fun. Being excited for Sea of Thieves, this looks like a different take on a similar format; sail the seven seas with friends and plunder all you like! I think between them, Microsoft and Ubisoft have covered my pirate itch for the generation if both games shape up well.

| Far Cry 5

Another franchise of Ubisoft’s that I’ve really enjoyed. I loved the first one by Crytek and the second one as well, but 3 and 4 really took it up a notch with not only a great open-world but two very compelling villains.

This new title seems like a very bold move for the franchise. I’m almost assured that it’ll have the same solid gameplay I’ve come to expect from the franchise, and my eye is keenly fixed on how it’ll handle its setting and all the characters involved. So I’ll really- wait, you have a dog? SOLD!

| Beyond Good & Evil 2

An incredible cinematic trailer which showcased a game we’ve seen murmurings about for many years, and I’m so excited to know it’ll finally be heading our way eventually. The original was a fantastic game and I’ve been looking forward to the sequel ever since the first rumours began to circulate.

And it was great to see Michael Ancel on stage looking very moved and emotional at the fact he was finally standing at E3 and showcasing this game for the first time. Shows this really was a project he was passionate about and I can’t wait to play it!

What’d I think?

One of the best conferences Ubisoft’s had for a while now. A load of brand new games which are just so un-connected you’d never guess they were from the same company; we’ve got a funny little strategy game, a massive pirate game, open-world action in America, and a pig swearing! A very good presentation with a lot to look forward to.

And a final note. I loved the ending! We had Michael Ancel on stage talking about this dream project of his finally becoming a reality, and we had all the Ubisoft devs at E3 come onto stage to end it with Yves. It had a lot of heart, Ubi. You should be proud of this one!

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