A lot of eyes were on Sony this year. Not only are they leading the industry with the incredible success of the PS4, but after a very strong showing last year and with not only the Playstation but the PS4 Pro and the Playstation VR too, Sony have a lot of offerings and a lot of customers that can’t wait to be impressed by what the company has to show.

I myself don’t currently own a PS4, but I definitely intend to get one. So this conference I hope would be the tipping point of me finally jumping on board with Playstation.

Top Announcements

| Days Gone

I’m still a sucker for the zombie games. This and State of Decay 2 I’m fully wanting to scratch that itch, and Days Gone is looking better every time I see it. The zombie hoards on the initial trailer were very impressive, but I’m glad to see that this game isn’t shaping up to just be a Left 4 Dead-style title and looks like it has a lot more depth to it with a bigger variety of enemies than just the good ol’ zombies.

Looking forward to one day playing it, looks like a very solid game.

| Shadow of the Colossus Remake

A remake I can very much get on board with! Or I suppose, not really get on board with but scrabble up the side of.

Shadow of the Colossus was a fantastic game. It was one of my favourite PS2 games and that’s saying something considering the ridiculous library of titles that game actually has. I initially assumed this would just be a good remaster but a ground-up remake is music to my ears. Very excited to give it a try! I just hope the game I loved so much is still in there.

| Call of Duty WW2

I think this might be the first Call of Duty I’ve been looking forward to for quite a few years now. I’ve always enjoyed the COD games but since MW2 I’ve never bought them full-price on Day 1. But I like the shift back to WW2 that this title’s doing and the multiplayer does look very fun. The sound quality is excellent, too. I’ll need to think about this one…

| God of War

God of War has been among the top action games for when I just wanted to relax. Yes that might come across as weird, but I always found games like DOOM relaxing too. Just a single, straight-forward goal; destroy everything in your path.

And this new one is shaping up rather well. I wasn’t sure what to think when it was first revealed but I’m definitely on board now.

| Destiny 2

Having never played the original but always thinking it did look very good, finally seeing the second game in action and knowing it’ll be hitting PC along with the consoles makes me looking forward to finally jumping in and giving Bungie’s new franchise a try.

| Insomniac’s Spider-Man

After Sunset Overdrive was one of the most refreshing titles in a while and with possibly one of the most fun E3 trailers ever (“Of course you can, it’s a f***ing videogame”), I was always anticipating what they’d go out and do next and I never would have guessed they’d jump in on a licensed Spider-Man game.

And it’s shaping up very well! We all love a bit of Spidey and after the great Spider-Man 2 on PS2, I’ve not really been excited for another game of his since this one. And I trust Insomniac to do a terrific job!

What’d I think?

Sony showed a lot of games which I’m looking forward to getting. And though I definitely enjoyed the conference, it did feel somewhat underwhelming. Last year’s E3 conference had some of the biggest announcements ever, whereas this year Sony felt lacking in any big hitters. Lots of great games, but not a single “WOW!” moment from me.

And the lack of VR is disappointing. We did get shown some of it and I love VR and I want it to work; I actually tipped PS VR to be THE device to really bring it to the consumer market rather than just enthusiasts on PC. But there just seems to be a lack of system-seller titles for VR. Skyrim is fun but I’ve no interest jumping back into it with VR.

A good conference. But a little bit disappointing.

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