I’m a PC Gamer. I became a PC Gamer because, being the youngest of 3 brothers, I would always be last in line to play on any of the consoles. But that always left our computer free and so that became my private little gaming platform and I’ve never moved off it being my primary platform.

So this was, naturally, a great conference that had the potential to show a lot of things I would be interesting in buying.

Top Announcements

| XCOM 2 – War of the Chosen

XCOM 2 was a brilliant game which I’ve played through multiple times. The modding scene is huge and I’ve enjoyed making each play-through different every time by utilizing a variety of different ones. My last one had a variety of Mass Effect mods piled on to make the experience unique and familiar.

So hearing of a big expansion coming for the come, I couldn’t be more on board and just what I needed to jump back into the game! It sounds fantastic and is definitely something I’ll be buying as soon as I am able to. And it sounds impressive. I’d expect the kind of gameplay additions they’re touting in a sequel, not just an expansion.

August 29th can’t come sooner!

| Ooblets

Double Fine comes in with Ooblets, a game… well. It’s definitely a game!

It looks beautiful to start with, and as funny and quirky as I’d expect from Double Fine. But it looks like some sort of Pokemon crossed with Stardew Valley and that’s a combination I can’t wait to try out! And to reiterate an earlier point from previous posts, I’m loving just how much colour and variety there is at this E3. Ooblets continues to impress.

| Total War: Warhammer 2

I’m a massive Warhammer fan. In 40k I collect Eldar and Necrons, with an Eldar force that at this point is ridiculous, and for Fantasy I’ve stuck with my Wood Elves for a while now ever since the new Codex came out, with a bit of High Elves in there for good measure.

So Creative Assembly picking up the Warhammer license was a big deal for me. The first title was great, and this second one is shaping up to be a rather fantastic experience too. I loved seeing the High Elves and honestly, I’m not worried about this game at all. CA haven’t let me down once before, they won’t start now.

| Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

I’m pretty sure, despite how much I’ve played this game, that I still type the name if it wrong but lets continue anyway.

As the best example of Battle Royale (and I’ve bought a LOT of the games which promised it), it’s nice to hear that it looks set to receive some big updates in the future to make it more exciting and feel more alive. I’m already loving it despite Early Access so as long as the game isn’t ruined just give me more things and I’m golden.

| Killer Floor 2’s Summer Sideshow

A free update for Killing Floor 2 adding in lots of content the day after the announcement? Oh Tripwire, you shouldn’t have!

| Klei’s New Game

So Klei are making a new game, Grift Lands. It looks and sounds great but honestly, at this point, just telling me that Klei are making a new game is like telling me Arkane Studios are too; I don’t really need to know what it is to know that I’m going to most likely love it!

Bring on every offering you have, Klei, I’m still enjoying Invisible Inc.

| Age of Empires

I think Age of Empires was one of the first strategy games I ever played. And with my young mind not quite being able to grasp much above Sonic the Hedgehog at that point, it wasn’t a game I played much of but I’ve always wanted to go back and play it. It looks like exactly my type of game.

So hearing that it’ll be getting a remake/remaster, with every asset re-made, is just music to my ears. Perfect timing! I’ll happily wait for this and look forward to giving one of the original strategy games some of my time.

What’d I think?

I am very impressed! I can’t really remember the last PC Gaming conference which probably goes a long way in explaining my opinion of it. But this one had a lot of games, a lot of great announcements from some of my favourite developers, and I enjoyed the different feel this conference had to the other ones. I enjoyed developers actually chatting and revealing how they made the game. As a Game Designer, I naturally am immensely interested in just about every part of a game’s creation process.

So a great presentation and a lot of titles to look forward to!

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