Nintendo. I don’t think there’s anyone who loves games that doesn’t have a soft spot for ol’ Ninty.

I don’t at the moment own a Switch. But I want one. Nintendo have already sold me on whats a fun and unique platform. Their next job is to keep piling the games onto it so when I finally jump in (knowing they’re doing bundles with different coloured JoyCons, I literally am waiting just to ensure I get a good one) I can jump in big.

So I went into this presentation already sold on their platform and simply wanting to see more!

Top Announcements

| Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the biggest JRPG fan. In general they just aren’t games that attract me. But Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii was one of the few which I played and utterly adored. So knowing its getting a sequel on the Switch, I’m excited for it!

And it looks fantastic. With it being set to release this year as well, if there’s a good bundle this Christmas there’s a good chance I’d pick it up with a Switch.

| Kirby

A new game featuring the “Angel of Death” of Smash Bros.? Brilliant!

It looks like an interesting game. And with it featuring co-op, that plays right into one of the big draws of the Switch straight away, which is co-op right from out of the box. I’ll always have a soft spot for my favourite Smash Bros. character and its great to see him getting some attention.

| Switch’s Pokemon RPG

So we didn’t get to really see anything about this apart from learn that it exists. But if this really is a full Pokemon game on the Switch with the added ‘oomph’ that handheld iterations don’t have, its pretty much what I’ve been asking for.

| Metroid Prime 4

Finally we get to see what Retro has been working on and would you believe it, another Metroid Prime. Just another tease like the above, but its a good tease. I’m happy to know we’ve got this coming along.

| Yoshi

What’s with Nintendo and just calling the game by the character’s name? I hope these are just temporary names!

But more Yoshi is always great to hear. It looks like a fun little platformer and it does look bright and colourful. Not that I’d expect anything less from a Nintendo game featuring Yoshi; as hilarious as it’d be to get given a dark, brooding Yoshi game I’m also relieved Nintendo won’t ever do that… right?

| Mario Odyssey

Can any Mario game top the brilliance of Galaxy? Who knows, but Odyssey seems to be giving it a pretty good go! It continues to look great with a rather weird trailer. But after Nintendo proved exactly what their team can do with the huge Breath of the Wild, I have nothing but faith in them in giving us a huge Mario game to enjoy.

| Metroid: Samus Returns

Another Metroid game? You spoil us, Ninty.

This one looks very fun! Its a re-imagining of Metroid 2 being made by some of the Castlevania guys. You really couldn’t make it up! It’s a shame I’m somewhat disappointed that this is a 3DS game and not on the Switch, but I hope it makes its way to the Switch eventually since I’d love to play it and wouldn’t want to buy a 3DS just for a single game now that a brand new platform is out.

What’d I think?

Another fantastic presentation from this year’s E3 and a great way to end it! Plenty of great games announced and so much to look forward towards that the Switch is getting better and better. The only thing I’d have liked is a little more clarity! Two big announcements were nothing but teasers and I’d enjoy more in-depth looks at the titles on show.

But a very strong showing from Nintendo this year for sure. After feeling their presentations at E3 have been weak for a few years now (as much as I love Breath of the Wild, showing just it and Pokemon wasn’t enough last year), they’ve come back in full force. Good job, Ninty!

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