If there’s one thing I’ll always appreciate about Bethesda in recent years, its their continued support of the single-player, campaign-driven games. Arkane Studios has been on fire for a while now, producing quality on top of quality, and DOOM was among the most refreshing games I’ve seen all generation. And that’s on top of Skyrim and Fallout 4.

So this conference starts with them riding a lot of goodwill and with some very high expectations from me.

Top Announcements

| VR 

One of the flaws I thought of Sony’s press conference was a lack of quality VR titles being announced. Bar Resident Evil 7, not much has really done a lot to show just how good VR truly can be. So I’m impressed that Bethesda definitely seems to be supporting it by announcing both DOOM and Fallout VR titles.

It’s great to see VR supported by two games, but I can’t imagine my stomach is going to agree with DOOM VR all too much. I suppose I’ll have to wait and see!

| Skyrim on Switch

I’m not looking at jumping back into Skyrim in any hurry, but I do have to say seeing it run on the Switch is pretty cool. When I get a Switch, Skyrim might have to be one of the titles I get along with it.

| Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Above I just sung Arkane’s praise. Dishonoured 1, 2, and Prey are among my top titles for years and I can’t wait to see what else they do. So some additional content for Dishonoured is a great thing to know is coming! It looks like an interesting expansion and thankfully September isn’t too long to wait. Definitely be picking this one up!

| The Evil Within 2

In my pre-show musings about the conferences, I put that I’d love to see a sequel to The Evil Within at E3 this year. I loved the original and Resident Evil 4 remains a game I don’t think anyone, let alone me, will be forgetting in a hurry.

So this was a great surprise announcement. The game looks fantastic and if it can fix the technical hiccups of the original while maintaining the same quality of gameplay, I’ll be picking this up as soon as I can.

Resident Evil 7 went back to horror and did a damn good job at that, so I think this time The Evil Within 2 doesn’t have as much of an easy ride when it comes to scaring us. The competition’s steep this time around! But I’m optimistic it can be pulled off.

| Wolfenstein 2

Another break-out hit I didn’t think I’d enjoy so much! Not quite up there with DOOM, but it really showed that Bethesda know how to do a great FPS. The sequel, like above, if it’s just more of the same quality gameplay with some brand new additions then I’m sold already and it looks like just that.

And a continuation of what I praised Bethesda for moments before; a single-player campaign-driven game. I can’t wait.

What’d I think?

It was okay. I was a little bit surprised it ended when it ended; Bethesda unveiled a few great new games, namely Wolfenstein and Evil Within 2, but as excited for both of them as I am (and for more Dishonoured content) they were just sequels. I didn’t really see anything brand new and exciting. Even the VR titles. They’re VR versions of what we already know.

A significant lack of “new” from Bethesda this year and a little bit underwhelming for that reason. A weaker presentation I didn’t expect from them, sadly.

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