Microsoft was up next and was definitely who I had my eyes on this year. After strong showings previous years but then an unfortunate amount of bumps in the hill, such as Scalebound being cancelled, it made me worried in some ways but hopeful in others that they had to have been working tirelessly to fill in the gaps left.

Though I don’t own an Xbox, I do own a PC and I’m happy that Microsoft are now embracing their PC players. And was an additional reason I was looking forward to their conference more than usual; Sony needs to sell me on a PS4. But MS doesn’t if they’re bringing their titles to Windows.

Top Announcements

| Metro: Exodus

Now this was a great announcement! One of my all-time favourite franchises were the STALKER games on PC. Shadow of Chernobyl loaded up with a few quick mods and you have a game so incredibly ahead of its time and a lot of fun. And so Metro has also become a favourite franchise of mine too, with an atmosphere that is hard to match.

This new one looks like a lot of fun and seems to be taking the cue from many linear titles in throwing us into a more open-world and pushing exploration even further. Which makes this Metro closer to STALKER than ever before! I just hope the same great story and atmosphere persists.

| State of Decay 2

Another game which I loved. It was simple and easy to play, with a hidden depth and charm to it. And the one thing I always thought that game was missing was just a slight ‘boost’, and co-op.

Looks like they’ve definitely added both! It was one of my top games announced last year and it seems to be coming along perfectly, I couldn’t really ask for more… except for perhaps an earlier release date. And a free copy. Make that 2!

| Crackdown 3

Okay, Microsoft. I already wanted this game. All you had to do was show me some more of it and that’d be fine but ooooh no, you HAD to bring in Terry Crews which means I can’t not buy this game. Thanks!

The game looks like mad, crazy fun. I never expected anything less than that, but its always nice to know that’s exactly what we’ll be getting!

| Minecraft Cross-Play

My enjoyment of this announcement is less of playing Minecraft with other platforms and more just seeing Microsoft and Nintendo open to working together like this. I hope Sony changes their mind and comes on-board because it’s nice to see companies genuinely put players first with this kind of move.

With their push into PC too and a willingness to do cross-platform play, I’ve liked new Microsoft’s less aggressive platform pushing compared to last generation when it was them who refused Steam on Xbox and them who wouldn’t do cross-platform play with Sony. This move is a continuation of that and I think it’s great to see!

| Sea of Thieves

I’ve been very vocal of my desire to play this game and seeing it in motion did nothing to lessen that. It looks like exactly what I expect from a Rare game; it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It doesn’t try too hard to be something it isn’t. It’s just a focus on stupid fun and I’m looking forward to firing myself out of a cannon very soon!

Game’s shaping up well!

| Super Lucky’s Tale

I’m a sucker for colourful, quirky platformers. I’m already sold.

| Life is Strange: Before the Storm

I loved the first Life is Strange! So much so that it and similar games served as the backbone for my University dissertation in my final year and I managed to argue that playing it was “research”. Which would be a very proud moment of my life!

Looks like it’ll be an interesting new story, and I hope maintains the sharp writing and believability (time-reversing powers aside) of the last one.

| Ori & The Will of Wisps

MS’ conference just keeps delivering on my favourite games! Ori & The Blind Forest was up there with Ubisoft’s new Rayman games as my favourite 2D platformers around, and Ori was un-matched in just how beautiful of a game it was.

And the trailer alone shared that beauty. It looks stunning just like the original and definitely a game I’ll be picking up.

| Cuphead


| Xbox One X

So it isn’t a device I’ll be looking to pick up. But I love the idea of it! And I think it’s a better direction than the PS4 Pro; if you’re going to make a big powerful console, you cram as much as you can into it! And it seems like MS has done just that. Every game so far showed off running on the X has been quite spectacular.

| The Smaller titles!

So many unique little Indie games and smaller titles being shown off. The Darwin Project, the Last Night, Deep Rock Galactic, and a lot more. They all look fantastic and not even a little bit like one another to boot. That’s exactly what I want from my E3!


What’d I think?

A very, very good presentation from Microsoft! And I was surprised at just how colourful it was. A lot of variety and a lot of bright, exciting games. Sunset Overdrive was always the brightest game they showed off and now it seems like one of the many colourful titles hitting PC and Xbox in the near future.

They definitely came out swinging, here. I’m impressed at how many of their games I can’t wait to slam the cash down for.


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