EA kicked off this year’s E3 conferences and I think did a very good job setting the bar. They already had a slew of games I was looking forward to and was actively enjoying playing, but I was mostly interested in anything new they had to offer. I also predicted a lengthy showing of their sports titles which aren’t my type of game still and wasn’t something to interest me. But as a massive Mass Effect fan, Anthem was quite the surprise.

Top Announcements

| Anthem 

Could it be anything else? I went in hoping we’d get to see what Bioware is working on next and they definitely didn’t disappoint with this reveal. Exploration, open-world, co-op, and some of the best graphics I’ve seen in a while, especially with the interaction between the characters and the environment. Couldn’t be more looking forward to this title!

It looks like Destiny meets Mass Effect: Andromeda in a way. The gameplay and general movement seem very similar to Andromeda and despite that game’s shortcomings the combat certainly was not one of them. If this can build upon the excellent base that Andromeda set out with the addition of multiplayer and mech-foolery (that’s what I’m calling it, anyway) then I’m sold already.

| Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar

Before E3 I mentioned that I was thoroughly enjoying Battlefield 1 initially and would love a big expansion pack. And DICE didn’t disappoint! This looks like a meaty new expansion that’ll get me running back into World War 1 happily. I hope there’s a lot of variety to the new additions to the game and it really changes the feel enough to revitalize me in the game a bit.

| A Way Out

A brand new game and one with a very interesting twist. Breaking out of a prison in a co-op style… I can see myself doing that. (Playing the game that is, not the breaking out of prison. But I’m sure I could do that too with a spoon and some grit and determination.)

A friend of mine who I’ve recently been playing Don’t Starve Together with (excellent game!) has already made plans for the two of us to great escape out of the prisons. So this was a surprise announcement I can’t wait to try out.

And this really is the type of game I want out of E3! So good job, EA. The more games announced that a new, exciting, and something I definitely wasn’t predicting the better.

What’d I think?

I thunk there was a lot of good here, but my disinterest in sports titles and not being too into Battlefront made this show come across as a little lite. A great conference all the same, Anthem no doubt is well on its way to being my Game of the Show unless Sony and Nintendo have something up their sleeves (sneak peek at when I wrote this!), but I would have enjoyed a few more games like A Way Out. EA can make such great unique, quirky titles when they want to, like Unravel, and I’d love a more focus on that.


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