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| Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s going into E3 strong considering how many of their games I’m already looking forward to, with Far Cry 5 being top of the list of titles I’m excited to see more of. The Far Cry series seemingly always has a compelling antagonist, be it Vaas or Pagan Min, and I’m hoping 5 will be no exception.

I’m hoping to see some additional Division content too; after how good the Survival DLC was I’m really hoping we get another meaty DLC for it, and the latest Assassin’s Creed title and the up-coming South Park I’m expecting to make an appearance.


  • Splinter Cell 
    • I considered Blacklist to be a very underrated title. I thought it was one of the most enjoyable and fluid stealth games we’ve had for many years and I hope the franchise will be coming back soon with the same gameplay as Blacklist.
  • New IPs
    • I sound like a broken record, but I’m always looking for new things! And Ubisoft loves to deliver in that regard. I’m hoping this E3 will be no different.
  • Anything Rainbow Six
    • I didn’t go into Siege expecting as good of a game as I got, but that’s what happened. I’d love to be given a reason to pick it up again as it was a lot of fun with friends.
  • Pirate’s Creed. 
    • Assassin’s Creed 4 was an excellent entry into the series. I’ve seen it rumored here and there, but it’d be great to see the pirate-side of AC4 spun off into a standalone franchise where it can be focused on even more. And release it Talk Like a Pirate day for easy marketing!



| Sony

With the incredible showing of the PS4 and the continued success of that console, Sony are going in very strong too as the current market leaders, and their last few E3s really have been excellent. They’ve been focusing on the games and I can’t ask for much else. (Apart from a Final Fantasy VIII remaster but I won’t be greedy!)

Days Gone. God of War. Spider-Man. And of course The Last of Us 2. They’ve got a strong backlog of games in development and I hope it’s time for us to see the many games we only saw cinematic trailers for at the last conference.


  • The Last of Us 2 
    • I’ve been avoiding putting already announced games into these wishlists but Last of Us 2 gets a special place considering how much I enjoyed the original. One of my most hotly anticipated titles.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay
    • I shouldn’t have to explain this one.
  • VR Titles
    • Microsoft has the big powerful Scorpio, and Sony has their VR. I love VR and playing Resident Evil 7 with it was an unforgettable experience, but past that I’ve not seen much in the way of truly great standalone products making use of the VR. Time to give me something to be in awe at, Sony.
  • Knack 2
    • The original Knack wasn’t the best, but I enjoyed what it tried to be. I’d enjoy seeing a sequel announced which fixed the problems of the original and delivered a fun and quirky platformer.



| Nintendo

I don’t think there’s a gamer out there who doesn’t still have a soft spot for ol’ Ninty.

Currently I don’t own a Switch. (It pains me too) And in truth that’s mainly because I’m waiting for a good bundle that I can snap up, so I’m hoping this E3 might show-case some new titles bundled in with the Switch that will finally make me buy the platform I’ve been very excited to have.

Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, probably 2 of the most colourful games, are titles I’m expecting to see more of. And it’d be nice to see some more Fire Emblem and Pokemon for the Switch as well.


  • Bundles! 
    • As I said above, I’m hoping we might hear about up-coming bundles for the holiday season.
  • Bigger Zelda expansions
    • The game’s huge. I’ve been playing it on Wii U and it really is a fantastic game, but the first DLC pack was a bit lackluster. I’d love Nintendo to do DLC on the same scale as Witcher 3’s Hearts of Stone/Blood & Wine and give us a huge new area to explore and experience!
  • Retro’s next project 
    • Perhaps I’m wrong on this but I can’t remember hearing what Retro has been up to recently. It’d be nice to hear a peep out of one of Nintendo’s most consistently excellent studios regarding what they’re coming up with next.
  • Third-Party Support
    • I like the Switch and its unique portability. And so not only games like Skyrim, but I’d love to hear more titles heading towards it I’ll be able to play on the go!



| Devolver Digital

A challenger approaches…

This will be Devolver’s first E3 conference and it should be very interesting and different to the others. Its hard to say what I’m hoping and expecting to see considering this is their first time, so I’ve got no idea what format they’ll be following! But I’m hoping they’ll show off the announces sequel to The Talos Principle at least.


  • Serious Sam 
    • After enjoying DOOM more than I realized I would, it’d be great fun to get given another Serious Sam title that follows the same speedy, brutal gameplay vein as DOOM.
  • Hotline Miami
    • A game series that surprised me in how fun it is. It’d be a shame if a new title wasn’t announced at their first E3 showing and I’d love to see it!


And that’s it for the 8 big conferences/shows. Of course that isn’t all of E3 and I can’t wait to hear more from every developer/publisher, but that’s my wrap-up done for the big shows!

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