E3… However many years go by, I still find myself excited and looking forward to it every time that the dates are finally announced. And this year it’ll be kicking off on the 10th of June by EA.

As with most years I’ll be looking to watch as many conferences live as I possibly can. And as with every year, I tell myself it’d be stupid to stay up till 3am in order to do that but by about 4am I’ll be once again be admitting I have lied to myself. And I fall for it every year, I’m so conniving…

This year however, for the first time I have a online portfolio. Which has also become somewhat of a creative outlet for me to stretch in. So I’ll be enjoying writing my thoughts about the conferences and games shown right here rather than dictated to my uninterested dog. So to start with, some initial thoughts on each of the up-coming conferences.



| EA

It wasn’t so long ago that I signed up for Origin Access on PC; I realized that the 10% savings on my pre-order of Mass Effect: Andromeda was actually more than the actual cost of it, and so I actually saved money by signing up before purchasing the game. But I fully intend to keep my subscription.

I have little to no interest in any sports games sadly, I gave FIFA a try but it’s still just not for me, but I’m looking forward to seeing some more Battlefield 1 content, a game I still regularly pick up and play with friends. And I hope there’s some expansions or additional content coming for Andromeda.


  • Bioware’s new IP
    • I know that the Bioware team behind the original Mass Effect trilogy are hard at work at a new IP and that’s something I can’t wait to hear about.
  • Dragon Age 4
    • It’s been about 3 years since Inquisition. Not entirely implausible to hope for an announcement and hope I shall!
  • Dead Space
    • Now I am really stretching here. But with Resident Evil 7’s return to horror receiving great critical and player reception, maybe that will have not gone un-noticed by EA and I would love to see a revival of a more horror-oriented Dead Space.



| Microsoft

Despite being a PC player, Halo has always been one of my favourite franchises and I’ve made sure to pick up every Xbox in order to play them. But this generation I’ve enjoyed MS’ renewed focus on the PC market. That has arguably made me more excited for their presentation than ever before, knowing that there’s a high chance of games that will be on my system of choice being shown.

At this conference, I imagine the Scorpio is going to be front and center. I’m excited to see what that thing can do, and curious at the price. Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 are also primary candidates for games I want to see more of. Also… Cuphead? Is that still coming? Please say it is.


  • New IPs
    • With Scalebound being cancelled, one of my most anticipated games ever since it was first shown, I think MS is dying for some unique, innovative, brand new IPs to show off and I’m hoping they’ve got some tucked away to show us at E3.
  • Halo: MCC on PC
    • It’s a pipe dream, but bringing the Master Chief Collection over to PC… you’ve got one guaranteed sale right here, Microsoft. And I’m fine with massive file sizes, too. Bring it on!
  • More Ori!
    • Ori & The Blind Forest was a breakout hit which I didn’t expect to love so much. It would be great to see a sequel or something from the same team.
  • Sunset Overdrive 2?
    • It was bright. It was crazy. It was different. And I loved it! It’d be a shame if Insomniac didn’t ever bring out a sequel. I know it’s unlikely to see something from them knowing they’re working on the Spider-man game on Playstation I believe, but it’d be a great surprise announcement.



| Bethesda

If there’s one massive thing I can respect Bethesda for in recent years, its a continued focus on single-player games with plenty of depth and character and they’ve released some of the most fun titles I’ve played in many years. DOOM was a breath of fresh air when it came to FPS’, and Arkane Studios I don’t think is capable of making a bad game.

They’ve got a lot of franchises under their belt, but I’ve heard very little about what’s coming up. I would expect to hear at least something about either the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout, but I hope they’ve got DLC and expansions to announce for titles such as Dishonoured 2, DOOM or Prey.


  • Evil Within 2
    • I’ve heard murmurs here and there about a potential sequel from Mikami. With Resident Evil 4 being one of my favourite games of all time, I’d love to see more from the Evil Within franchise now that Resident Evil itself has veered off from the over-the-shoulder gameplay.
  • Something big!
    • Bethesda can make small games. And Bethesda can make big games. And I’ve been itching for a brand new BIG game for me to sink my teeth into as I did with Skyrim and Fallout 4. It’d be nice to see something in that vein from them.
  • Anything Arkane
    • Just tell me what Arkane’s doing next and I’m good.



| PC Gaming Show

As a PC player, naturally I’m looking forward to a conference based entirely around my primary gaming platform. I’ve not heard much about any announcements themselves, but plenty of sponsors.

If I’m reading correctly, developers such as Tripwire, Bohemia, and Microsoft themselves will be at the conference. So I’m hoping Tripwire has some new Killing Floor 2 news to share with us, and Bohemia having the same for ARMA 3.


  • Red Orchestra
    • Though they’re mostly known for Killing Floor, I always enjoyed Tripwire’s Red Orchestra shooter and getting a new iteration of that would be something I’d like to see.
  • New IPs
    • Again, as I’ve said before, I just want to see some brand new things. Unique and creative titles that I’ll be looking forward to playing. Its a primary reason I watch E3 and I’m hoping the PC Gaming show will have some of them to show.

And that’s it for right now. I’ll be doing a Part 2 shortly which will cover the remaining 4 conferences.

You can now check it out right here!

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