May 22


3D Design – Custom E3 “Stages”

E3 isn’t far off!

With how much I love games, E3 is always a highlight of my year. And with this portfolio set up and me enjoying it being somewhat of an outlet for my random and spontaneous creative episodes, I thought I would enjoy writing and sharing some thoughts on this year’s conferences.

But knowing me, I have to have some sort of design in order to do that. And thus, I thought I’d re-create a “stage” as the header graphic for each of the conferences!


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I’ll be doing a graphic breakdown later of how I did it, but this was a fun one done with Photoshop and Maya. The lighting’s still a bit off but hey, it works. And I’m looking forward to using them while discussing all the games shown at E3.

Can’t wait to play Half Life 3 too!