I was 18 when I first started College. At one point we had a guest lecturer who worked for a game developer in my home town. At the end of the lecture someone asked the question “So what do you need to get a job in the game industry?”

“A bloody good portfolio” was his answer.

Therefore, welcome to my attempt at making a bloody good portfolio!

Welcome to my Portfolio. Please check out my About page for a little bit more about me, and below you can find links to various areas! And on the right is the navbars for various pages and parts of my portfolio.

| Categories

I’ve split the various posts I make into 5 categories, which you can click to see more of.

  • Game Design
    • These are posts all about various game designs, e.g. level design.
  • Art + Graphics
    • These posts look at art and graphic designs.
  • Writing
    • Writing is all my essays and pieces on various game-related things.
  • Game Review
    • Direct reviews of video games, old and new.
  • Blog
    • These are general updates about the Portfolio.

Portfolio Picks:

| Projects

These are larger projects which feature a lot more content than any single post.


Click above to visit the Project Page

LENSES was a survival-horror demo I created as part of my University degree, along with a team of an additional 2 people. I served as the Create Director and Lead Artist/Level Designer of the project, and pushed for an immersive horror experience built using Unity 3D.

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